Open Network Intelligence for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (ONI-CAV) Workshop | Catania, July 3rd 2024

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The Open Network Intelligence for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (ONI-CAV) Workshop will be held in Catania on July 3rd, 2024 at Università degli Studi di Catania – Cittadella Universitaria – V.le A. Doria 6 – Edificio 4 – Aula Magna Oliveri. 

The ONI-CAV workshop is supported by RESTART and will take place close to the Plenary Dissemination Workshop also held in Catania on July 4th-5th, 2024.

The workshop’s primary goal is to create an opportunity for networking and dissemination and provide an overview on the current state of the art on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles both from academia and industrial perspectives.

The program of the workshop is under refinement. However, the current schedule is based on four main sessions:

  1. Session I: How far from CAVs? An industrial point of view
    This session will include presentations from many companies working actively in the automotive arena, discussing different perspectives of the topic. A panel will also foster interactive discussion between speakers and participants/attendees.

  2. Session II: From research to deployment: ADAS and Connected Vehicles
    This session will include technical talks on ADAS, radio technologies for V2X, and open platforms to simulate and test ADAS and V2X solutions.

  3. Session III: Latest challenges and open problems in air connectivity
    This session will be specifically focused on drones and NTN, including also research talks on tightly related topics such as integration with 6G Networks, Search & Rescue applications, energy saving, etc.

  4. Session IV: RESTART research on ONI-CAV
    This session will allow young researchers and PhD students involved in the RESTART framework and working on topics related to the workshop to present their ongoing activities through pitch presentations

The organizers are collecting contributions for Session IV on the following topics of interest:

  • CAV networking architectures and communication protocols
  • Mobile edge computing (MEC) and cloud/fog CAV networks
  • New radio access schemes for V2X communication
  • HAP and UAV roles in the 6G
  • Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), cognition, and optimization technologies for CAV
  • Security and energy issues and designs for CAV
  • Mobile edge computing (MEC), cloud/fog networks, 3GPP local area data network (LADN), network slicing, software-defined network (SDN) for CAV
  • URLLC, machine-type communications (MTC), tactile Internet, and advanced caching for CAV
  • Signal processing for CAV
  • Standardizations, field-trials, prototypes, deployment, and performance evaluation of CAV communication systems.

Contributions will also be valid for the call for contributions on the following two days of Plenary Dissemination Workshop. The event does not require a participation fee. 

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For more information, visit the website of the event.

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