Free patronage

The RESTART Foundation grants free patronage and the use of the RESTART trademark on the occasion of initiatives and events of relevant cultural and scientific interest organised by parties inside and outside the Foundation.

For public and/or private parties

To request patronage, interested third parties are required to send a formal request on letterhead, signed by their Legal Representative. In case of events by recognized international scientific organizations, the patronage request may be signed by the person from the organizing body who has the authority to decide on the patronage to be acquiredThe request must include the following information:

  • the full name of the initiative;
  • the place where it is to be held;
  • the date of the event;
  • the names of the organiser and the person in charge of the initiative/event;
  • reporting in relation to the possible granting of patronage by other entities;
  • the detailed programme of the initiative
  • a brief report illustrating, and demonstrating, the quality and relevance of the initiative.

The following documents must be attached to the application:

– a copy of the legal representative’s identity document;

– the deed of incorporation and statutes of the Organisation/Association (only for private parties)

– DSAN pursuant to Article 3 of the Rules and Regulations for the granting of free patronage and use of the Foundation’s trademark and the RESTART Programme.

In this section of the website it is possible to find the document/template models of the patronage request and the declaration in lieu of affidavit required pursuant to ex art. 3 of the Rules and Regulations.

Please indicate in the application any request for publication of the initiative on the institutional portal of Fondazione RESTART

The request must be received at least 45 days before the date of the initiative to:

RESTART Foundation Communication – 

Onerous sponsorship

The RESTART Foundation does not provide grants because of the provisions of Article 4, Item 7, of MUR Notice No. 341 of 15.3.2022; this provision that limits the functions of the Foundation exclusively to management and coordination activities of the Partnership. For this reason, the request for onerous sponsorship must be submitted to the Mission Coordinator relevant to the subject of the request.

If the proposal is deemed meritorious, the Mission Coordinator will authorize the expenditure from its Mission budget.

Mission Coordinators:

Mission 1 (Research): Antonio Capone –

Mission 2 (Laboratories): Antonella Bogoni –

Mission 3 (Innovation): Roberto Sabella –

Mission 4 (Start-Ups and Spin-Offs): Lorenzo Santilli –

Mission 5 (Educations): Roberto Verdone –

Mission 6 (PHD): Daniele Riccio –

Mission 7 (Communication): Carla Fabiana Chiasserini –