MISSION 2 – Laboratories, Proofs of Concept and Demonstrators

RESTART Mission 2 aims at:

  1. showcasing the results of the research projects;
  2. incentivizing technological transfer;
  3. fostering research beyond the scope of the project at a national level;

  1. A database has been created describing all the main features (mission, available equipment/licenses and test-beds, main applications/technologies, expected date of partial and full operativity, etc...) of all the new, upgraded and affiliated RESTART laboratories. It has been shared with all the RESTART partners for creating an interest map.
  2. A list of all equipment to be purchased has been created. Joint meeting between RESTART Laboratories and big suppliers have been organized. (i.e. Anritsu Keysight). The equipment purchase process has been started and it is now in progress.
  3. First dissemination actions have been taken: presentation to GARR conference and contribution for Selected Papers proceedings
  4. Affiliation to RESTART of two external laboratories in order to extend the RESTART infrastructure capability and offer:
    • PHOTONIC DEVICES LAB of Politecnico of Milan
    • POLIFAB of Politecnico of Milan