RESTART structural project S4 – RIGOLETTO targets the design, prototyping and demonstration of an end-to-end optical transport network with an innovation focus on the optical network segments of the future 6G infrastructure.
The project will investigate:

  • at the device level, new enabling technologies/material for photonic integrated circuits targeting the design, fabrication and characterization of integrated low-energy devices for transmission and switching;
  • at the data plane level, transmission systems capable of massively scaling capacity and secured by quantum key distribution, including seamless integration with Light Fidelity access;
  • the physical layer validation of the optical communication infrastructure through the creation of a digital twin of the disaggregated optical network;
  • a seamless software-defined network (SDN) control relying on an optical layer abstraction and pervasive telemetry data collection to feed AI/ML algorithms that will lead to a sustainable zero-touch optical network. 

RIGOLETTO is part of Spoke: 1 – Pervasive and Photonic Network Technologies and Infrastructures

Collaboration proposals:
for any proposal of collaboration within the project please contact alessio.giorgetti @ ieiit.cnr.it