MISSION 5 – Education and Training Activities

The scope of the Mission on Education&Training is to produce a new generation of telecommunications engineers able to tackle with the fourth industrial revolution.

The Mission has three macro-objectives:

  1. to increase the number of students enrolled in STEM, and in particular Telecommunication studies;
  2. to foster the development of transversal competences;
  3. to facilitate the integration between academia and industry via training initiatives;

The Mission Education&Training has developed a program made of fifteen activities; some of them will produce outcomes by the end of 2023, some later. All activities have started during 2023. Among them, the most relevant include:
  • the development of a document mapping all roles of the telecommunication engineer and the required hard / soft skills;
  • the connection to institutional entities like ASSTEL, GTTI, SIEm;
  • the identification of plans to cooperate with high schools at National level;
  • the development of a set of National activities intended to divulge the scope of Telecommunications;
  • the creation of a catalogue of training initiatives on soft skills for professionals, researchers and professors;
  • the creation of a catalogue of training initiatives for re- and up-skilling of professionals.