MISSION 4 – Support to Start-up and Spin-off

Mission 4 aims to:

  • Provide cultural and educational instruments to support researchers in understanding the issues related to entrepreneurship and dealing with the practical challenges related to the creation of a start-up or of a spin-off;
  • Issue program specific calls oriented to start-up creation, based on the instrument of the cascade calls;
  • Offer support for the development of proof-of-concepts from initial ideas with the support of technical mentors, and accelerations services;

[Updated at M15]

Consistent with the timeline of the RESTART Program, Mission 4 activities began on July 1, 2023. Based on the results of the Cascade Call Board, which indicate that cascade calls should take place as soon as possible to allow selected partners time to work within the scope of the projects, Mission 4 immediately began to help prepare the calls to ensure adequate participation of start-ups and spin-offs.

The main achievements to date are:
  • Contribution to the preparation of the first RESTART cascade call dedicated to: Research, Demonstrators and Use Cases. The main contribution of Mission 4 was to encourage the participation of start-ups and spin-offs in this general call. Just one university spin-off, MEETECHO s.r.l., was the winner of the Spoke 4 call ("Programmable Networks for Future Services and Media") for the SUPER project.
  • Organization of the second RESTART cascade call dedicated to: Business Cases and Innovation-Market. This call is for start-ups and spin-offs and is expected to be published in the second quarter of 2024.
  • KPI1: Number of start-ups and spin-off involved in the RESTART program
    Expected: at least one between start-ups and spin-offs
    Accomplished: one spin-off
  • KPI2: Number of mentoring/coaching courses for start-ups and spin-offs
    Expected: at least 20 training courses dedicated to start-ups e spin-offs
    Accomplished: to be started