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RESTART structural project  S1 – COHERENT will develop and assess a disruptive and open architecture based on networked Digital Twins (DTs), to meet the needs of a future telecommunication system supporting 6G and beyond services. The project will enable new services in the areas of Smart Cities, smart vehicles, etc. increasing the sustainability, quality of life for the citizens and their security and safety.

COHERENT will also work on the evolution of the concept of 5G slice from that of quality-assured virtual (cellular) network to that of virtual (general) infrastructure/platform that automatically runs and manages distributed applications of verticals, such as Video Distribution Systems, Smart Cities/IoT Platforms, and Edge Learning Architectures; importantly, this can lead to the creation of new business models characterized by the interaction of multiple service providers and infrastructure providers. Special emphasis will be placed on the network edge and extreme edge.

COHERENT is part of Spoke 6 – Innovative Architectures and Extreme Environments 

Collaboration proposals:

For any proposal of collaboration within the project please contact FabrizioGabrio.Brasca at windtre.it