RESTART structural project S10 – SEXTET explores new telecommunication solutions for extremely challenging scenarios that promise huge societal and economic impact.
Examples include:

  • underwater environments, characterized by very limited radio and light propagation and harsh and time varying acoustic channel;
  • port areas requiring long-range communications to cope with massive reflections and obstructions;
  • health applications with communicating implantable devices or injectable nano robots;
  • disaster areas in which infrastructureless communications support first responder squads;
  • permanent monitoring of wide areas or civil infrastructures, where sensors are energy self-sustainable.

SEXTET systematically addresses the challenges of communications and networking in extreme environments through a holistic approach that spans from energy scavenging electronics to power the devices, to new coding and modulation schemes coping with harsh propagation conditions as well as access and network management protocols to provide end-to-end connectivity, up to data processing and analytics to extract the most valuable information.

SEXTET is parte of Spoke 6 – Innovative Architectures and Extreme Environments

Collaboration proposals: for any proposal of collaboration within the project please contact  marco.giordani at unipd.it