S3 – Netwin


RESTART structural project S3 – Netwin aims to exploit the synergism between artificial intelligence (AI) and networks in two directions:

  1. to assess how machine learning (ML) can guide the design of modern autonomous networks and efficiently handle their complexity;
  2. to evaluate how networks can promote the pervasive deployment of delay-sensitive and energy-constrained intelligent services with special attention on distributed ML strategies running in the edge cloud.

Netwin promotes a paradigm shift from a conventional Shannon-based approach, fundamentally concerned about the reliable recovery of each transmitted bit, to a goal-oriented approach, where what matters is the meaning conveyed by the bits or the fulfillment of the goal underlying communication.

Netwin is parte of Spoke: 8 – Intelligent and Autonomous Systems

Collaboration proposals:
For any proposal of collaboration within the project please contact sergio.barbarossa at uniroma1.it

Netwin News: