S9 – IN

The Industrial IoT (IIoT) is among the driving forces of global economic growth in the next decade. IIoT applications need Industrial Networks (IN) connecting machines, robots and workers, characterized by stringent throughput, latency, and positioning accuracy requirements. The integration of wired and wireless techniques provide flexibility and scalability, but some use cases require new communication solutions.

RESTART structural project S9 – IN aims at conceiving, studying and testing new IN technologies to boost the development of the National manufacturing industry in the fields of mechatronics, automotive and automation.

The project addresses the following macro-objectives:

  1. enabling efficient productivity and flexible/scalable production processes;
  2. ensuring work safety and environmental impact reduction;
  3. improving energy and cost efficiency;
  4. guaranteeing data security.

IN is part of Spoke 5 – Industrial and Digital Transition Networks 

Collaboration proposals:
for any proposal of collaboration within the project please contact lorenzo.mucchi at unifi.it

IN News: