S14 – Net4Future

Climate change, pandemics, the digital divide, social inequalities, as well as the geo-political situation and threats to democracy, are some of the unprecedented challenges which are affecting network evolution, and for which networks can play a key role in mitigating their detrimental effects.

In such a context, RESTART structural project S14 – Net4Future has the ambition to consider innovative evolutionary paths for networks, which are not limited to technology-pushed solutions enabling innovative digital services, but rather consider society-pull requirements in heterogeneous directions.

Starting from methodologies typical of strategic foresight applied to telecommunications networks, Net4Future will analyse a functional end-to-end architecture of future networks, by identifying technological enablers and innovation potential towards different directions:

  • inclusiveness and sustainability
  • trustworthiness
  • innovative regulation policies

The project will also offer an experimental toolbox for validating innovative services on beyond-5G networks, and quantifying the improvements on inclusiveness, sustainability, trustworthiness by means of innovative indicators.

Net4Future is part of Spoke 2 – Integration of Networks and Services

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