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LEGGERO project focuses on design and prototype of next generation of far edge routers, i.e. small routers deployed at the network customers’ sites to support mission-critical applications.
LEGGERO improvements are on three directions:

  • Lower cost and lower power consumption.
  • Higher reliability with the help of artificial intelligence. 
  • Support for cloud applications

The management platform will be able to deploy distributed applications on a large fleet of nodes.

LEGGERO is part of Spoke 4 – Programmable Networks for Future Services and Media

  • LEGGERO developed tools to improve the knowledge and performance of linux routing by exploiting the eBPF technology. LEGGERO has tools for: measuring how much time a packet spends in the various networking functions of the linux kernel; providing high-speed communications between light VMs running in the same host; offloading to the kernel of the networking functions of cloud applications.
  • LEGGERO developed a machine learning algorithm capable of predicting network latency and reliability in an SD-WAN deployment and choose the network connection that maximizes service reliability. The framework comprises the collection of latency and reliability metrics of each SD-WAN tunnel and then the configuration of the tunnel by using an SDN southbound protocol.
  • LEGGERO is developing a management and orchestration platform for a fleet of edge routers and a central cloud domain capable of placing cloud-native workloads on the best node.
  • LEGGERO is developing a prototype of the next generation router.
Scientific Industrial
  • First prototype of the LEGGERO router manufactured by TIESSE.
  1. Scientific publications: 2 / 10; RL = 0.8
  2. Scientific publications with international scholars: 1 / 4; RL = 1
  3. Webinars, workshops, or MOOCs: 0 / 3; RL = 0
  4. Hackathons, theses, or student projects: 4 / 10; RL = 1.6
  5. Edge devices managed by the platform: 10 / 1000; RL = 0.4
  6. Throughput of the edge device [Gbit/s]: 1 / 10; RL = 0.4

Collaboration proposals:

LEGGERO is currently extending the consortium through RESTART cascade calls.
In addition, LEGGERO is looking for:

  • early adopters of the next generation router,
  • international scientific partners for participating in funded calls,
  • institutions interested in hosting a hackathon on LEGGERO technology.

For any proposal of collaboration within the project please contact i.cerrato at