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ELENE aims at implementing all-optical wavelength conversion by exploiting the optical quadratic nonlinearity of periodically poled Lithium Niobate on Insulator (LNOI).
We will demonstrate all-optical frequency conversion by:

  1. difference frequency generation from a signal channel in C-band and a pump at half the wavelength;
  2. parametric conversion based on cascading, with signal and pump in C-band.
    The impact of the wavelength converters on optical network performance will be evaluated.

ELENE is part of Spoke 1 – Pervasive and Photonic Network Technologies and Infrastructures

Overall, the key results achieved until September 2023 are:
  • start-up of the technical activities;
  • theoretically studied how phase-matching of third-harmonic generation in a Kerr micro-resonator can be used to extend frequency conversion into new spectral regions, far from the pump wavelength;
  • investigated temporally dispersive dual-comb generation of phase-matched combs with broad bandwidth and anomalous dispersion of the fundamental field;
  • set up a simulation workflow for LNOI waveguides, linking numerical simulations at the device level with theoretical modelling, layout design and future experimental characterization;
  • designed experimental setup based on a soliton waveguide in a LNOI sample for wavelength conversion.
The main outcomes of interest in the first months have been:
  • A theoretical mean-field model for optical frequency comb generation in a dissipative and cubic nonlinear cavity system with parametric coupling between fundamental and third-harmonic waves.
  • Found conditions for accessing a multi-stable regime that simultaneously supports two types of coupled bright cavity solitons, which coexist for the same pump power and frequency detuning, while featuring dissimilar amplitudes of their individual field components.
  • Numerical simulations demonstrated soliton writing and erasing in LNOI, and nonlinear up- and down-conversion in soliton waveguides.
Scientific KPIs
  1. Publications
    • Expected: >=1 journal publication/partner during the first year
    • Accomplished: 1 journal publication
    • Readiness: 100%
  2. Joint Publications 
    • Expected: 0% joint publications during Y1
    • Accomplished: 0
    • Readiness: 100%
  3. Demo/PoC
    • Expected: 0 (2 PoCs expected by the end of the project)
    • Accomplished: 0
    • Readiness: 100% (work according to plan)
  4. Project meetings
    • Expected: 1 [kick-off meeting]
    • Accomplished: 1
    • Readiness: 100%

Project PI: Stefan Wabnitz

Collaboration proposals:
For any proposal of collaboration within the project please contact the project PI.