RESTART structural project S2 – SUPER takes the challenges posed by digitalization, centered around data-driven automation and real-time interaction, and conceives an innovative, fully distributed ecosystem spanning from the cloud to IoT/mobile devices, where computing/network resources and data in different tiers and domains all synergically and efficiently contribute to the realization of mission- and data-critical services.

Specifically, SUPER will create and deliver:

  1. a new software edge-device platform that is modular, open, and scalable, ensuring that services are validated and meet their service level agreements;
  2. accelerated mobile networks and services by realizing an open software framework for network programmability, addressing both data plane and control plane of the edge-cloud network infrastructure;
  3. programmable access networks, leveraging virtualization and optimal, flexible (re-)configuration techniques for an ultra-low latency and reliable data transfer;
  4. breakthrough algorithmic solutions for the management of hyper-distributed, intelligent services, and both intra- and inter-tier resource orchestration.

SUPER is part of Spoke 4 – Programmable Networks for Future Services and Media

Collaboration proposals: for any proposal of collaboration within the project please contact walter.cerroni at unibo.it