Next-generation communication systems will rely on heterogeneous millimeter wave (mmW) communication nodes and terminals.

RESTART structural project S5 – MINDS DREAM will address multiple aspects related to the generation, transmission, reception and detection of signals in the mmW band, as well as the development of mixers, filters and detectors, the analysis and synthesis of radiating elements, compact and large arrays, MIMO antennas and antenna measurement systems.

Specifically, MINDS DREAM will:

  1. contribute to develop the future 6G wireless technologies, with emphasis on high frequencies (>30 GHz up to THz) and GHz bandwidths
  2. anticipate and inspire standardization directions within 3GPP on new 6G radios supported by continuous experimentation with indoor and outdoor high-frequency labs activity
  3. innovate on the dynamic 6G communications for autonomous driving and drones, localization, advanced relaying and backhauling, circuit elements, zero footprint THz emitters and fast and sensitive THz detectors.

MINDS DREAM is part of Spoke 3 – Wireless Networks and Technologies

Collaboration proposals: for any proposal of collaboration within the project please contact  miriam.vitiello at nano.cnr.it