S7 – FUN-Media

The concept of a virtual world has been around for many years, but it can finally be deployed thanks to maturity in display and wearable technologies, bandwidth increase, in-network computation capability, and development of AI, Metaverse and hyper-realistic fully immersive communication systems.

To fully unleash this potential, fundamental research must assure the expected quality of experience (QoE).

RESTART structural project S7 – FUN-Media aims to develop and test innovative and augmented media over networks, providing new representations and formats supporting semantic, behavioural and emotional aspects. Such media will enable augmented and immersive experiences, interaction among devices, media and humans, fusion of multi-sensor data, and will provide authenticity and trustworthiness in the distribution chain. Human digital twins will support optimized delivery and fruition of next-generation media.

FUN_Media is part of Spoke 4 – Programmable Networks for Future Services and Media 

Collaboration proposals:
for any proposal of collaboration within the project please contact riccardo.leonardi at unibs.it

FUN-Media News: