RESTART Foundation: the Telecommunications of the Future

/ November 10, 2022/ Events

RESTART has been selected among 14 major Partnerships extended to universities, research centers and companies across the country with the aim of funding basic research projects to strengthen national research supply chains and promote their participation in strategic European and global value chains.

The total investment is 1.6 billion euros and is provided within Component 2 “From Research to Enterprise” of Mission 4 “Education and Research” of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP).

The University of “Tor Vergata” presented and won, as lead university, the PE14 under the theme of Telecommunications of the Future with the project “RESTART RESearch and innovation on future Telecommunications systems and networks to make Italy more smART” with Prof. Nicola Blefari Melazzi as coordinator and Prof. Antonio Capone as scientific referent. The total cost for RESTART project is 118.000.000,00 euro.

As a result of the investments that will be allocated, it will be possible to finance PhDs and fundamental and applied research activities, projects to support the birth and development of start-ups and spin-offs from research, and training activities in synergy between universities and companies, with particular reference to SMEs, to reduce the mismatch between the skills required by companies and those offered by universities.

The first official meeting will be held in Milan on January 26th-27th 2023.

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