RESTART meets potential stakeholders at 14th Forum Borsa della Ricerca | Catania, October 25-27, 2023

/ November 3, 2023/ Events

From October 25-27, 2023, RESTART took part in the 14th Forum Borsa della Ricerca, held in Catania at the Benedictine Monastery. The Forum, an annual and national appointment of the Research Exchange, represents an important opportunity for discussion with potential stakeholders, thanks to an original format that alternates moments of workshops with one-to-one meetings.

After an initial opening afternoon of work – in the presence of important institutional figures, with a round table to reflect on the future of life after the PNRR – on the day of October 26, an hour-long RESTART workshop was held by a delegation formed by Dr. Adele Del BelloGeneral Director/Program Manager of RESTART – and Professor Sergio PalazzoCoordinator of Spoke 6 “Innovative Architectures and Extreme Enviroments”. This workshop provided an important opportunity to present participants with the state of the art and the latest updates related to the Program, with a focus on issues of particular interest to the stakeholders in attendance.

Specifically, Professor Sergio Palazzo -after providing a general overview of the main features of the Program-dedicated an in-depth discussion to the topic of Laboratories and Training activities.

The floor was then passed to Dr. Adele Del Bello, who was in charge, instead, of showing an updated picture on the Cascade Calls, from general information to punctual focus on the calls issued or being issued by the 8 Spokes.

Rounding out the activities that RESTART participated in during the three days of the Forum were one-to-one meetings: a direct dialogue between the Program delegation and potential stakeholders, touching from time to time on very different topics, with a common thread represented by the upcoming (or already published) Cascade calls.

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