S12 – SRE

Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RISs)
represent the most promising Key Enabling Technology candidate to take the challenges of 6G systems in terms of dramatically reduced latency and ultra-high capacity.

RESTART structural project S12 – SRE proposes a new key-enabling technology based on reconfigurable intelligent metasurfaces to overcome the current limitations of 5G technologies in order to handle ultra-high capacity and near-zero latency.

The proposed solutions, capable of performing integrated communication and sensing tasks, will also handle EM energy in a smarter way, dramatically reducing the number of APs and RBSs as well as EM interference and pollution.

The project leverages the expertise of wireless communication and EM groups in Italy to explore this new technology and make it suitable for “restarting” smart radio environments, allowing the Country to play a key role in the communications of the future.

SRE is part of Spoke 7 – Green and Smart Environments

Collaboration proposals: for any proposal of collaboration within the project please contact davide.dardari at unibo.it

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