RESTART structural project S13 – ISaCAGE addresses the integration and coexistence of sensing and communication systems that share the same spatial and spectrum resources.

A number of possible architectures will be proposed, ranging from the mere coexistence of nearly independent systems to fully integrated systems, wherein coexistence is purely functional, and energy efficiency is a major constraint.

In the latter paradigm, sensing and communication systems are totally integrated and a careful usage of the environmental physical resources will be fostered by means of tools from AI, ML and Federated learning.

In detail, ISaCAGE will focus on:

  • statistical/EM environment modeling and validation
  • optimized resource allocation and sensing/communication waveform design
  • interference avoidance,
  • learning algorithms integration in the sensing/communication system
  • energy harvesting
  • joint optimal distributed sensing task management and communications

ISaCAGE is part of Spoke 7 – Green and Smart Environments 

Proposte di collaborazione:
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