Next-decade telecommunication systems will be based on high-frequency (>80-100GHz up to THz) so far unexplored for radio access, and this implies that research must progress with materials and technology enabling the manipulation of huge-bandwidth signals.

RESTART structural project S6 – 6GWINET is an ambitious project addressing the limitations of mmW/Sub-THz/THz technology, radio and networks.

The key innovative contributions are on:

  • New Radiating Structures
  • New User-centric Radio Architectures
  • Enhanced Massive Wireless Connectivity
  • New Network Architectures for Smart Radio Environments

Proof of concept will be based on vehicular and drone communications as the most challenging contexts where 6G will be called to face its success.

6GWINET is part of Spoke 3 – Wireless Networks and Technologies

Collaboration proposals: for any proposal of collaboration within the project please contact  antonio.iodice at unina.it