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RESTART focused project F1 – WatchEDGE will be a technical enabler of new architectural paradigms, tools, techniques and algorithms.

In particular, the adoption of open-source platforms and infrastructure sharing will contribute to the economical sustainability of new multi-technology networks and computing infrastructures in rural and remote areas.

This will foster:

  • new business models in the agricultural sector
  • new business chains between vertical industries, infrastructure providers, application developers, farmer associations and communities.

The project studies an advanced edge-computing architecture that spans multiple geographically-distant sites, some of which equipped with flying-drone networks (FANET), and interconnected by SD-WAN technology.

The primary focus is on orchestrating the Cloud/edge/far-edge continuum to support environmental surveillance (e.g. wildlife protection, wildfire monitoring, etc.) relying on AI-based image processing, and making use of smart radars and cameras.

WatchEDGE is part of Spoke 8 – Intelligent and Autonomous Systems


Collaboration proposals:
For any proposal of collaboration within the project please contact giovanni.schembra at unict.it


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