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ADAPTO aims at defining a management framework for 5G and beyond network that allows infrastructure providers to properly manage the computational resources required to accommodate the dynamic instantiation of network functions by combining QoS requirements with at-scale energy saving objectives. This goal will be pursued by integrating both model-based and AI-based optimization techniques to NFV-enabled software-defined networks.

ADAPTO is part of Spoke 8 – Intelligent and Autonomous Systems 

At M9 the ADAPTO project has established a preliminary investigation of resource monitoring and data collection techniques for cloud-native Telco infrastructures in the context of 5G and beyond communication networks to identify algorithms and techniques to be implemented in the ADAPTO framework.
Scientific outcomes:
  • 5 papers published at international conferences or journals;
  • 1 paper currently under revision for a journal.
  • Paper "Towards a Highly-Available SD-WAN: Rapid Failover based on BFD Protocol" has been presented by Giovanni Stanco (UNINA) at the IEEE Conference on Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks (IEEE SDN-NFV) 2023 conference in Dresden on November 9

Project PI: Giorgio Ventre

Collaboration proposals:
ADAPTO welcomes research collaborations with projects/researchers interested to the definition of APIs to export network function metrics and to provide application requirements to the network (a la GSMA Open Gateway) in next generation networks.

For any proposal of collaboration within the project please contact the project PI.