The Future Pervasive Internet will be an extremely complex environment, where communication and sensing functions will be integrated, and where functionalities will be embedded into (beyond-edge) users and IoT devices, which become an integral part of the pervasive network.

RESTART structural project S8 – PESCO addresses the complexity posed by this scenario involving a multiplicity of key expertise.

Based on a comprehensive architecture, PESCO will deliver the critical components in the fundamental areas of:

  1. novel user-centric pervasive Internet paradigms including IoT and users’ devices;
  2. integrated sensing and communication technologies;
  3. edge intelligence supporting pervasive environments;
  4. novel sensing paradigms exploiting diverse communication and radar technologies;
  5. holistic sensing and communication cognitive approaches taking into account broader environmental aspects, such as energy efficiency.

PESCO is part of Spoke 1 – Pervasive and Photonic Network Technologies and Infrastructures 

Collaboration proposals:
for any proposal of collaboration within the project please contact alberto.zanella at cnr.it